Taking a road trip is the preferred way to travel for lots of people and families. Being able to stop, go sightseeing or even just the extended alone time is important for road trip fans. Not to mention saving money in some instances. Having quality entertainment when you are on a road trip is also important to some people. With the creation of podcasts, lots or road trippers have ways of taking in a good discussion, a story or even a mystery. There are so many podcasts to choose from. Here are a few that road trip takers enjoy. 

My Brother, My Brother, And Me 
If you want outrageous in actionable answers to questions that will make you laugh to tears then My Brother, My Brother, And Me is the podcast for you. The three brothers answer listener questions, pull questions from the internet and then through twist, turns, and rants they bring the audience into the minds of three siblings. Sometimes it's them answering as if they are still kids, other times it's their adult answers that almost seem childlike. 

The No Sleep Podcast 
Are you a fan of scary movies and shows? The No Sleep Podcast is one that will keep your eyes wide open and your head constantly turning on the long dark or empty highways you will be driving on. The music, the sounds and the subject matters are definitely in sync with a horror theme. You will be wide awake on your drive with this one. Wait Wait… Don't Tell Me! Here is a fun one for trivia lovers. 

Wait Wait… Don't Tell Me! 
Is all about current events with a side of trivia webbed in. This is a fun one to listen to when you have a road trip companion. It can easily be turned into a game of sorts. If you are not a big watcher of the news or reading the paper, this is a fun way to catch up on what's going on around you or in the world.