Extending the Range on Your Key Fob  

Obviously, the main purpose of your key fob is to lock and unlock your car or trunk. But if you're like most people, you know that another great use is to "find" your car in a crowded parking lot or garage. 
Recently, I attended a performance at a huge theater. Although I took careful note of where I'd parked, the disadvantage of this lot is that it is basically a giant, paved field lit with floodlights. No letter/number designation, no light posts to use as landmarks. When I came out of the theater, I knew the general direction to walk in, but my car was a needle in a haystack. 
So I used the "secondary" purpose of my key fob - a beacon to find my car. I pushed the "lock" button to hear my telltale double beep so I could follow the sound. I've used this trick in many parking lots, and, as long as I'm close, it always leads me to where I need to go. Unless I'm out of range. Then, I become one of those ridiculous looking people, wandering with keys extended, hoping to hear anything. 
I'd seen articles about how to extend range, but they all involved opening up the fob and messing with the battery. That's out of my comfort zone, and, I'm assuming, many other people's as well. 
Then I stumbled into a new trick. If you hold your key fob under your chin, you can extend the range of the signal. It sounds crazy, but it works. 
Yes, it's even been verified by Mythbusters and Snopes, and the current is so small that it puts your head in absolutely no danger. 
So next time you're almost inside the grocery store and realize you forgot to lock your car, or you need to see those lights flash in a crowded parking lot, try it out! It really works!

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